Wednesday, 11 January 2017 10:26

Zend Framework 3 - next breath

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When I met with Zend Framework 0.9 and started to use it just for fun in my own projects, i'm was surprised that so young PHP framework give me so flexible and smart features.

Since this time I used Zend Framework in big part of my projects.
Using always last version of framework, every time I stay surprised with new ideas and features which comes in announced version.
Every new major update is like new breath or step in live of framework and looks always logic, not always easy to understand, but all of this not understandable thing comes to be clear if you dive deeper to core of framework.

Same was with last version, Zend Framework 3.
New version was like charm update of previous version.
All this "middleware" principles is big base of new type of PHP applications, but whole framework took another breath for next big interoperability sprint of PHP live.

Next time i will try to explain what is goal of this interoperability and what that means and costs for PHP community.

See you!

Evgheni Poleacov

Experienced PHP and Zend Framework developer, Team Leader.

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